Smashed clay : how can you live better with it ?

Smashed clay : how can you live better with it ?

No, we don’t mean building a better house with it, do we? We are talking about the numerous ways smashed clay can help you live that kind of healthy life you want. Maybe you don’t know it, but there are lots of ways smashed clay can help declutter your life. It can help you filter toxicity and give you that fresh ambiance that you need to flow.

When we say this, we are talking about the actual health benefits of smashed clays, and there are lots of ways you can harness them. How can smashed clay help you live a better life?

Smashed Clay Cures Skin Infections

This is no exaggeration. It has been found that smearing copious amounts of smashed clay on any part of the skin can chase away infections. This is why it is one of the principal ingredients of most skincare products.

Smashed clay is super-effective against skin ulcers and Buricili ulcers. Moreover, it wipes away many types of bacterial skin diseases, and this is why you should try smashed clay today.

Interestingly, smashed clay nourishes the skin too and will give you that shine that you always craved. It remineralizes your skin and leaves it better than most modern creams out there. You now know why many tribal women love it.

No More Joint Pain

Do you know there is a medical term for the treatment of joint pain and bones with clay? It is called peloid therapy. This is to show you that this is not a random claim or practice.

You can live a joint-pain-free life or, at best, prevent it with the use of smashed clay and get on with your life. You don’t have to worry about some niggling worries down your ankle or anywhere on your body.

Moreover, you can help an arthritis patient by smearing smashed clay on the affected areas. It will relieve the person of the pain and grant them a new lease on life. So why not try it? Get some smashed clay poultice today.

It Makes You Feel Good

Smashed clay can help you relax and reset just like yoga, meditation, exercises, and hobbies do. Wonderfully, this can be achieved in many ways through the use of smashed clay. Don’t rule out playing with it, this is a major stress reliever. Playing in the or with the mud is one of the best ways to fight depression and frustration.

Therefore, you can make out time to do some molding or sculpting with smashed clay to get over a hectic day. This will greatly improve your mental health and give you that natural energy to get going again.

Moreover, you can help yourself by going on some natural makeup spree with different colors of natural clay. You can also choose to make different kinds of face masks with your smashed clay. Just love it.


There are many ways to lead a better life and enjoy yourself more with smashed clay. It can help you prevent very serious types of ailment and disease and get you set against them.

Moreover, you can achieve a peak mental state while you play around with the different uses of your smashed clay. Therefore, get some smashed clay today, you will love it.